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 I am happy to answer serious inquiries regarding my services,
schedule a Tarot reading or consultation, or provide advice on Wiccan-related or other personal issues.
Your contact information, and the content of our correspondence is safe with me. Not only do I refuse to
compromise your information, I respect your right to be whomever you are.
You can approach me without fear of judgment, so long as you respect me in kind.

Eight words the Wiccan rede fulfil,
And ye harm none, do what ye will.
What ye send forth come back to thee,
So ever mind the rule of three.

You can email me at  or, fill out the contact form below.

You can also stay in touch on social media.
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PLEASE NOTE:  I reserve the right to decline to respond to any inquiry that does not include your full real name and a valid email address and phone number. Please do not abuse my open door policy.


  • Welcome respectful correspondence from all.
  • Answer serious inquiries.
  • Respect your right to privacy.


  • Entertain harassing or threatening contact.
  • Accept any spellworking commissions that carry the intent to harm another.