What is a Holistic Tarot Card Reading?
A Holistic Tarot reading is a multi-faceted approach to pulling the deepest answers from the cards and framing that divine knowledge into a format that you can actually use to chart your course, cal the waters, and adjust your sails. A Holistic reading from Rev. Brooke is a therapeutic process, combining her intuitive skills, the knowledge presented by the All, and your own awareness. Together, you get at the heart of your matter, enhance your perception, and you come away from the reading with knowledge and perspective that you can apply directly to the situation in question.

Reserve your reading by using the options below, or by emailing brooke@wiccanhighpriestess.com.
Readings are offered in person at The High Priestess Metaphysical Boutique in Jim Thorpe, PA, and via telephone or Skype.
I am proud to be a Certified Master Holistic Tarot Card Reader (CMHR), and it is a privilege to offer you over 25 years of Tarot, channeling, and divination experience.

30 Minute Holistic Tarot Reading, In Person, by Phone or Skype

$ 40.00 USD

The perfect reading for the on-the-go spirit, or as an introduction to the empowering, exciting experience of the Tarot! Includes a photo of your spread via email when we converse via phone or Skype.

Full Hour Holistic Tarot Reading, In Person or via Phone or Skype

$ 55.00 USD

Let's leave no stone unturned! If your question or situation needs in-depth exploration, grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Have more than one question? Then let's do more than one spread! Includes a photo(s) of your spread via email when we converse via phone or Skype.

Holistic Tarot Outlook: The Next 30 Days. Delivered via Email.

$ 55.00 USD

Let's scout ahead and see what's on your horizon for the next 30 days. Have a big event? Waiting on a situation? Anticipating change or need the advantage of insight? Includes a 10 minute pre-reading consultation via phone. I'll send a photo of your spreads, and a breakdown of the month ahead in an easy to reference email.

Holistic Tarot Outlook: The Next 12 Months. Delivered via Email.

$ 125.00 USD

Powerful, insightful, must-have information for a full turn of the seasons. So much can happen in a year! This reading includes 12 spreads, giving you the divine scoop on the next 12 months. Don't make any big plans without it! Includes a 15 minute pre-reading consultation by phone, plus photos of your spreads and a full report delivered in an easy to reference email.
Missed appointments are not refundable, a new booking must be placed.
Appointments gladly rescheduled with 24 hours notice.
By using the "Buy Now" options above, you will be emailed within 24 hours to schedule and confirm your booking. 

Here's What Other Clients Have Experienced...

"Thank you, Brooke. I sat down at your table today, frustrated and confused, but left hopeful and with a great sense of relief and direction.

It's exactly what I needed"
-Amy D., New Ringgold, PA
"It was a fascinating and energizing experience. I recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in Jim Thorpe. I have always sensed an energy in that town, and Brooke's space is certainly an epicenter for that. Thanks, Brooke!"
-Michael B., Girardville, PA
"Brooke's reading was not only insightful, it provided me with a new understanding of a difficult situation. Even the next day, things that were laid out in the cards became more clear as I applied their meaning to a matter she had no foreknowledge of."
-Christopher W., Jim Thorpe, PA
"I can't even find words to describe my experience and how you have helped me. I am still running everything through in my head, but my direction is clear. Thank you so much for what you do. You are an incredible woman, and being, and I am honored."
-Barbara F., Pine Grove, PA
"I got a Tarot card reading from Brooke and it was the best reading I have ever received!
She began by asking me what question I wanted her to answer. I wasn't sure so she asked questions and listened for a long time.
Then she said, 'I think that the issue is this...' I felt teary when she named the issue as it was so exactly right.
She spread the cards and began reading them. Her interpretation of every card was meaningful to me. Sometimes I would add what the card or her words evoked in me, and she would bounce off of that an add much more. I loved the collaboration. I felt really seen. It felt like a healing.
Brooke is a good listener, articulate, awesomely intuitive and a true healer. I've had many readings, and hers was by far the best.
Thank you, Brooke! I am so glad we met!"
Love, Susan C., Malden, MA
Your information is kept completely confidential, and under no circumstances do I engage in unsolicited telephone or email marketing.
I protest the following most strongly on spiritual and religious grounds, however, I am obligated to inform you that according to the Commonwealth of PA, any metaphysical reading or service is considered entertainment, and any metaphysical products are curios.