A Holistic Tarot reading is a multi-faceted approach to pulling the deepest answers from the cards and framing that divine knowledge into a format that you can actually use to chart your course, calm the waters, and adjust your sails. A Holistic reading from Brooke is a therapeutic process, combining her intuitive skills, the knowledge presented by the All, and your own awareness.  Together, you get at the heart of your matter, enhance your perception, and you come away from the reading with knowledge and perspective that you can apply directly to the situation in question.

Reserve your reading by using the options below, or by emailing brooke@wiccanhighpriestess.com.
I offer readings in person at The High Priestess Boutique in Jim Thorpe, PA, and via phone and Skype.
I am pleased to be a Certified Master Holistic Tarot Card Reader, (CMHR,) with 25 years of Tarot, channeling, and divination experience.

30 Minute Holistic Tarot Reading, In Person, or by Phone or Skype

$ 40.00 USD

The perfect reading for the on-the-go spirit, or as an introduction to the empowering, exciting experience of the Tarot! Includes a photo of your spread via email when we converse via telephone or Skype.

60 Minute Holistic Tarot Reading, In Person, or by Phone or Skype

$ 55.00 USD

Let's leave no stone unturned! If your question or situation needs in-depth exploration, grab a cup of coffee and settle in! Have more than one question? Then let's do more than one spread! Includes a photo(s) of your spread(s) via email when we converse via telephone or Skype.

Holistic Tarot Outlook: The Next 30 Days. Delivered via Email.

$ 55.00 USD

Let's scout ahead and see what's on the horizon for your next 30 days. Have a big event? Waiting on a situation? Anticipating change, or just want to have the advantage of insight? Includes a 10 minute pre-reading consultation via phone, a photo of your spread, and a breakdown of the month ahead delivered in your email for easy reference.

Holistic Tarot Outlook: The Next 12 Months. Delivered via Email.

$ 125.00 USD

Powerful, insightful, must-have information for a full turn of the seasons. So much can happen in a year! This spread gives you the divine, detailed scoop on each of the next 12 months. Don't make any big plans without it! Includes a 15 minute pre-reading phone consultation, a photo of your spread, and a full report delivered via email for easy reference.

Missed appointments are not refundable, a new booking must be placed.
Bookings gladly re-scheduled with at least 24 hours notice.
By using the "Buy Now" booking options, you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your booking and finalize our scheduling, if applicable.

IN THE ORDER COMMENTS of the "Buy Now" transaction, you must provide:

  • Real Name (Full Name is Most Helpful)
  • Email address
  • Telephone Number
  • Skype User Name (if applicable)
  • Preferred DAYS and TIMES for your reading

Your information is kept 100% confidential, and under no circumstances do I engage in unsolicited telephone or email marketing.
I require your real name in order to connect to your energy and deliver as robust and personal reading as possible. Thanks for cooperating.

I protest the following most strongly on spiritual and religious grounds, however, I am obligated to inform you that according to the Commonwealth of PA, any metaphysical reading or service is considered entertainment.